Piva Consulting is a Vancouver, BC based firm which specializes in the creation of cannabis edibles brands. With decades of experience in product design, food commercialization, marketing, branding, logistics and quality control, Piva is a turn-key solution for cannabis businesses that want to enter the market for edible products, but lack the expertise to do so.

Want to create an in house brand of chocolates or baked goods for your cannabis dispensary? A line of bottled or canned cannabis infused beverages? A shelf stable line of candies to extend the usable life of your extract? Stolz has the expertise to engineer a cannabis edible brand to any specifications or volume.

Want to enter the edibles market? We want to hear from you!

Contact us at info@stolzchocolates.com.

About Us


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Stolz is expecting to enter the Canadian medicinal cannabis market by the end of summer 2016. Subscribe to our twitter feed  and follow our
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As a Piva Brand, we at Stolz believe that the future of the cannabis industry should be rooted in social responsibility. All Stolz products share the Piva Code of Values, which means that every product we manufacture must:

  • Be created with the most precise dosage control
  • Be manufactured only in government inspected, food safe facilities
  • Be packaged in the most child resistant, safe manner possible

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Stolz makes chocolate cannabis edibles of unparalleled taste, class and quality. Stolz cannabis edibles are made in small batches by expert chocolatiers, and feature industry leading dosage control and socially responsible manufacturing and packaging methods.

Stolz is the flagship brand of Piva Consulting Ltd, designers of cannabis edibles products, brands and production.

​​​Piva Consulting Ltd

Stolz will be launching our first product lines in the Summer of 2016, featuring our beginning with our signature Stolz Chocolate Truffles, soon to be followed by our Stolz Chocolate Bars.


Stolz chocolate truffles are made by hand in small batches, Stolz will be launching with four inventive flavours.

  • Dark Chocolate Toffee
  • Milk Chocolate Crunch
  • Crispy Hazelnut Nutella
  • Peanut Butter and Pretzel

Stolz Bars

  • Coming Soon! Featuring Stolz combination of Grand Cru dark and milk chocolates and inventive garnishes, Stolz line of easily separable bar allows for the most careful cannabis portion control.

Our Chocolate

Stolz uses a combination of French 38% milk and 70% dark chocolate couverture in all of our bars and truffles.

Our Cannabis

Stolz infuses our chocolates with only cannabis extract which meets our rigorous standards. In order to be approved for use in a Stolz product, a cannabis extract must be examined by experts trained to detect pests and mould, and laboratory tested to assess its purity.

By using only laboratory tested extract, Stolz is able to guarantee the dosage of our chocolates exactly matches the dosage listed on the label, every single time.